Gibraltar BSN Donates 250 School Uniforms to Vulnerable Students at SK Bukit Pantai

Kuala Lumpur, 9 February 2022 – School uniforms are key to creating cohesion and levelling out the playing field among students. Being dressed in the same uniform as everyone else in school also helps develop a sense of equality in children who come from different socio-economic backgrounds.

However, with schools finally reopening after the long disruptions in the past two years, many low income parents are struggling to cope with the back-to-school costs.

Responding to this urgent need, Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad (“Gibraltar BSN”) recently provided new school uniforms to 250 primary students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Pantai under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

Before the new term began, the school received vouchers worth RM100 each, allowing them to provide new school uniforms for 250 of their most vulnerable students.

Lee Kok Wah, Chief Executive Officer of Gibraltar BSN said, “We are very happy to help out our community in this way especially since the prolonged pandemic has made back-to-school costs a heavy burden for B40 families. The vulnerable children of our community deserve the same opportunity to succeed and through our donation, we hope to imbue them with a positive sense of belonging, equality, and renewed determination as they begin their new year.”

Located in Lembah Pantai, Sekolah Kebansaan Bukit Pantai caters mostly to students from the B40 bracket. Many of them come from the neighbouring Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) flats and have parents who have been financially impacted by the prolonged restrictions of the pandemic.

En. Shaharuddin Bin Eusop, Head Master of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Pantai said, “Since the pandemic began, we noticed a marked increase in the number of families requiring support from the school, be it monetary or in kind. For many of our families here, purchases of new school uniforms and stationeries is at the expense of going without food for the week or an utility bill going unpaid for that month. It is truly heart breaking to see many of our students refusing to come to school because they are ashamed that they do not have school uniforms like the rest of their peers. Gibraltar BSN’s kind donation not only helps the students put their best foot forward but also makes a positive impact on their mental wellbeing as they tackle the new school term ahead.”

Under Gibraltar BSN’s CSR We Protect Dreams programme, the Company aims to make a positive impact on the communities where they operate in. Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Pantai is located 10 minutes away from the life insurer’s headquarters in KL Eco City, and this is the second CSR initiative conducted for the school. Back in December 2020, the Company had donated 1,000 fabric face masks for the school’s teachers and students.