Flood Relief Efforts: Organizations appealing for supplies, services and/or funds

Heavy downpour in the Klang Valley that started on Friday, 17 December, has left over 32,000 people in Selangor displaced and at least eight dead, compounding the already difficult economic and living situation due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Non-profit humanitarian aid organization Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) told Sinar Harian that it estimates the repair cost for property owners affected at between RM 5,000 and RM 10,000 per house, taking into consideration the large-scale damage caused with the houses submerged in water, each household’s electronic and electrical appliances, vehicles damaged among other factors.

In the wake of this devastation, several organizations have requested supplies, services and/or funds for flood relief efforts.

Please do let us know of your contributions to any flood relief efforts. Here is the nonexhaustive list compiled by AMCHAM:


MERCY Malaysia Flood Relief and the Recovery

MERCY Malaysia is a medical relief non-profit organization aimed at delivering humanitarian aid during crisis and non-crisis situations.

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Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS)

The MRCS is a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian acts and services.

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Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)

The MRA is a humanitarian organization in Malaysia with a primary objective of assisting those affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts, both local and abroad.

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The Hope Branch

Established by Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander and Dr Jezamine Lim, The Hope Branch is an initiative to raise funds for those affected by COVID-19 pandemic. They work together with KitaJagaKita to execute speedy aid delivery.

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Happy Bank

A youth-driven, non-profit volunteer-based organization aimed at supporting and helping the underprivileged and socially neglected communities in Malaysia.

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Malaysia Humanity for the People Hero Association

(MY Hope Hero) is a charitable organization that was also active in helping with the #BenderaPutih movement.

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Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia

GPM Malaysia, established in 2001, has provided assistance and raised funds to assist victims of war and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famine, and tsunamis.

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Kembara Kitchen

A charitable catering organization that provides food aid to those in need.

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A humanitarian relief network providing temporary shelters and fresh water in flood-stricken areas.

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