Kuala Lumpur’s Private And International School Vaccination Centre Opens at ISKL

On September 29, 2021, the Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccination Centre opened its doors at The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) in Ampang Hilir.

Implemented by the Ministry of Health, the Vaccination Centre serves 12 to 17 year old students in both private and international schools in the area, with around 18,000 students anticipated to receive their vaccinations at the ISKL Centre.

ISKL’s Head of School, Rami Madani, shared, “Along with students from nearby international schools, more than 600 ISKL students aged between 12 and 17 were vaccinated on the first day. We look forward to welcoming more students from private and international schools in KL over the coming weeks and are delighted to have this opportunity to support the wider community as well as our own.”

Rami also spoke about ISKL’s continuing mission of working in partnership with the surrounding communities and the support of both ISKL parent and staff volunteers who have played an essential role in the operation of our Vaccination Centre.

The Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at ISKL is by appointment only and will be in operation until November 7, 2021. ISKL is delighted to have this excellent opportunity to partner with neighboring schools to fight against COVID-19 and showcase its community spirit and school.