Innovating Through Crisis

Businesses have been forced to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and find innovative means to thrive under these new circumstances. As part of this morning’s “Innovating Through Crisis Showcase”, AMCHAM brought together member companies to share the innovative technology, devices and processes that they have implemented to protect the health and safety of their workers during this pandemic while ensuring business continuity.

Our showcase line-up included HP, Intel, Molex, NI, Oracle, SMART Modular Technologies, Seagate, STMicroelectronics, and Western Digital. Each company showed how they adapted to the pandemic, the changes made and strategies utilized to deal with the pandemic and new Government-imposed regulations. We got to see the new tools used by the workforce to counter the spread of COVID-19, resources and support for employees working remotely, and more.

Special thanks to all our guest speakers for a very insightful showcase that allowed our audience to gain ideas and inspiration for keeping their own businesses and teams healthy and safe.