Launch of the Young Enterprise E-Commerce Platform – JAM Mall

On 27 July 2021, Junior Achievement (JA) Malaysia, celebrated the launch of their Young Enterprise E-Commerce Platform – JAM Mall, the first of its kind developed to foster entrepreneurship education amongst secondary school students. Our CEO Siobhan Das and also a member of the Board of Trustees of JA Malaysia was invited to deliver a speech at the launch.

AMCHAM introduced the Young Enterprise (YE) Program to Malaysia as a community service project in 1989, to give our member companies an opportunity to give back to their communities while connecting them with potential futures in the business world. The Young Enterprise program started 33 years ago with five AMCHAM Members Companies, matched with five schools. The following year, YE as it became affectionately known, expanded into Penang, with 6 additional companies and 6 schools.

The purpose of the Young Enterprise program was to give 16-year-olds / Form 4 students an opportunity to better understand the business world by becoming entrepreneurs; by identifying and producing a product and creating and managing their own companies to deliver it to market. This exercise was to inspire, to trigger new ideas, awaken a business acumen, reinforce the importance of diversity of thought and teamwork. It was also a good opportunity to learn other life skills and, the opportunity in failure.

Today is another step one that is remarkable – we are moving into the digital domain and the world of e-commerce.

This new platform not only demonstrates the continued commitment to your entrepreneurship education but thrusts all YE students into the 21st century and the digital economy. Through it, you will learn how to navigate these emerging frontiers.

AMCHAM would like to congratulate JA Malaysia on a successful launch and all the best!

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