AMCHAM GATE Program Part 5: Key Message Development Workshop

Key points in a message should always be communicated effectively. Sometimes these points end up getting lost due to the structure or lack of understanding the recipient. Today, AMCHAM held its 5th session of the GATE Program, this time a workshop on Key Message Development. Whitney Foard Small, Senior Associate at CS & A, returned from the launch of the GATE Program in May to conduct the workshop.

Attendees were given practical guides and tips into constructing a message in a way to get the point across, to match the target recipient. In this workshop, the attendees were split into several teams where they designed a message meant for a specific target audience, learning the different steps and refining the approach along the way.

A very useful workshop for participants to learn and develop critical messaging skills effectively. Special thanks to Whitney Foard Small for returning and conducting the workshop and thank you to the attendees for participating. We also would like to thank both our event partners – U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur & PayPal – for supporting this program.