E-Shared Prosperity Organisation (eSPO) Acknowledgement Certificate

The e-Shared Prosperity Organisation (eSPO) is an online platform that issues an electronic acknowledgement certificate for companies that successfully implemented the Productivity-Linked Wage System (PLWS), an initiative that promotes wealth creation and sharing through productivity.

Today morning, AMCHAM hosted a briefing session on the eSPO Acknowledgement Certificate. The session was conducted by our guests from Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), an agency under Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), currently promoting the eSPO Acknowledgement Certificate.

IR. HJ. Riwayat B. Mansor, MPC Associate, provided insight into the eSPO Acknowledgement Certificate, the process of getting recognized, what kind of questions to expect, what can be done to earn that certification and more. Attendees had a chance to raise questions and gain clarity on the certification. Special thanks to our guests from MPC for providing the briefing for our members.