AMCHAM Executive Office has been sterilized by TOMI SteraMist !!

AMCHAM member company TOMI SteraMist came to the office on 28 April and gave the Executive Office a thorough sterilizing with their patented, US EPA approved, COVID-19 Disinfectant.

As most companies are preparing to bring their employees back to the office, at the top of the mind of all leaders is how do we ensure the safety of our employees in the office? Thank you TOMI SteraMist for the peace-of-mind and helping us keep the employees, members and all guests of AMCHAM as safe as possible.

The rising numbers are an indication that we all still need to be following the SOPs, everyday. Wash your hands frequently or sanitize, keep a good distance between people, wear your mask especially in closed areas. We are all still vulnerable, some more than others.


TOMI SteraMist is offering a special rate to ALL AMCHAM members and if you’re interested to connect with them, feel free to drop us a note at [email protected].