AMCHAM Participates in Industry Roundtable

On July 4, AMCHAM’s CEO, Siobhan Das was invited to participate in an industry roundtable with Y.A.B Datuk Haji Hasni Bin Mohammad, Menteri Besar, Johor, and Y.B. Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Bin Ali, Senior Minister and Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Hosted by Bower Asia Group, Malaysia the meeting brought representatives from industry together with an array of local, state, and federal authorities and representatives.

Highlighted in the dialogue was the strength of the business ecosystem in Johor, the state’s role in the Malaysian trading ecosystem, and how it plays into the much larger global value chain. Officials expressed a commitment to work hand-in-hand at the Federal, State, and Municipal levels to strengthen coordination, streamline policies and processes so that businesses and the government can better manage the health of the nation and the economy.

The dialogue presented a renewed engagement to address concerns of the investor community and opportunities to grow and propel Malaysia on its economic recovery and attract quality FDI. Representatives from AMCHAM member companies, many of which have long histories in the country, were also able to attend the discussion with others meeting for an informal lunch just prior.