Our international business community consists of some of the largest multinationals in the world, and AMCHAM has grown to be one of the most active in the country. We have different platforms to meet the needs of those seeking exposure to key business leaders and partners.


AMCHAM's website receives an average monthly traffic of 6,000 visits, 4,500 new visitors, and 15,000 page views. It is the key platform by which members stay on top of upcoming activities and events, updates from the Malaysian and American government, business intelligence reports, and industry news. In addition, members can leverage the platform to share corporate news of industry events, thought leadership articles, CSR initiatives, and other press releases for free.   

1 month
3 month
10,000RM (3 for price of 2)

The Pulse: Monthly E-newsletter 

With over 2000 subscribers to AMCHAM's e-newsletter, representing senior corporate and government stakeholders, the Pulse is a great way to reach a broader audience of AMCHAM's extended networks.     

  Member Non-member
1 month 1,000RM 2,000RM
3 month 2,500RM 5,000RM

Sponsored Email Advertising

AMCHAM accepts, on a limited basis, sponsored announcements from member companies and qualified institutions that may be of interest to the membership. 
Member 2,000RM
Non-member 3,500RM

Membership Directory

Starting in 2015, AMCHAM's Membership Directory will be digitial. Our new website provides a powerful platform for member-only access to business collaborations, information sharing, and member company profiles.