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Through AMCHAM's business intelligence reports, such as the annual Malaysian American Electronics Industry Survey and the ASEAN Business Outlook Survey, and an extensive online member-only archive of presentations, reports, and information sharing, we help companies assess regional markets, map opportunities and challenges, and facilitate strategic decision making in the country and the region. AMCHAM publications reach thousands of leading business executives, government officials, in Malaysia and the U.S., the media and other relevant parties worldwide. With a total readership of over 1,500 business professionals, AMCHAM publications are the only publications targeted at the American-Malaysian business community. AMCHAM also works closely with the U.S. Embassy to keep businesses updated on US political and commercial developments, as well as Commercial Services resources for American businesses.

AMCHAM publications include:

Brand Visibility and Strategic Communications

AMCHAM provides a strong platform for companies to showcase their stories to Malaysian stakeholders, aid in reputation positioning, highlight corporate responsibility efforts, and act as a vehicle for broader marketing and brand visibility efforts. 

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