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Upcoming in May at the Chamber is our AGM with H.E. Ambassador Kamala Lakhdhir on May 23rd, 2017.  We are doing something different this year and we look forward to your participation. Membership organizations can only thrive when members are active and we hope you will consider how you can participate; to start with perhaps submit an article, company news update, tell us of a visiting senior executive or help us in sharing best practices at a program.

Over the summer, we will also start to have a few more visitors from the U.S. Government.  If there are issues or specific interests that you are watching, please make it known to us so that we can involve you or your company in these visits.  These visitors are often anxious to hear directly from the U.S. businesses operating on the ground to give them perspective.  Your input is therefore valuable.

APCAC (Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers) is a grouping of 29 American Chambers around the region, all of whom strive to support U.S. business interests in the region. They meet during the year notable at the most recent Business Summit in Guangzhou in April and again in June for the Washington Doorknock where central issues impacting Americans overseas and their ability to do business are highlighted to Members of Congress, the Senate and the Administration.  This year the group will be focused on three areas:  Tax, Trade and Travel. All Members are welcome to participate.  To find out more visit the APCAC website

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