From The Desk of The Executive Director

As we all get back to work in the Year of the Rooster I would like to remind you to please be on the look out for your AMCHAM Membership Renewal 2017.  We are maintaining the fee structure for 2017 but we have, however, moved our financial year to January (it used to be February) with immediate effect.  As such, our invoicing for 2017 shall be prorated to eleven months, as the payment for January 2017 has already been paid for in last year’s invoice.  

AGM 2017 will be on April 6, 2017.  Participation in the AGM requires all eligible members to be in good standing, including having their membership dues paid by that date.  We encourage members please ensure you can vote and participate by checking their membership status and that payments have been made on  the invoices you have received.  

Please join us for our first large event of the year on February 15, AMCHAM’s 2017 Economic Outlook presented by Sin Beng Ong, JP Morgan Chase’s Executive Director  for Emerging Markets Asia - Economic & Policy Research. We look forward to seeing you at this and other events in 2017.

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